Jubi LAB

Let love your skin

Each person has a different skin problem.
Your skin condition always change.
One day you feel your skin dry and another day you may desire for more toned skin.
“Jubi Lab” was born in search of each customer’s “100% beauty”.


  • Jubi lab
    Drop for Skin

    Skin Hydrating Essence Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate 100ml

    It is hyaluronic concentrate for avoiding dryness and fixing skin texture & tightness.
    The ingredient, “carboxymethyl hyaluronic acid Na”, has functions of 3 times higher water-retention and twice higher hydration (function to combine with water).

  • Jubi lab
    Drop for Skin

    Drop for skin 14ml

    It is a concentrate solution that can be mixed with your lotion.

    hyaluronic acid more moisted
    Placenta more smooth
    Multi collagen more supple and radiant
    EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) more firm and tight